Don't let a phone block the view.

Put down the phone, "Be in the Moment" let Zoomiee get the picture you want, and push it to your phone in real-time. You get to use your hands to clap, cheer or wave, while a photograper focuses on getting the shot. No searching, no waiting.

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What is Zoomiee?

Photography on Demand,
Convenience on Call.


In the blink of an eye an exciting moment can pass. Fumbling with a camera, even on a phone, can make you miss it.
"Put down the phone and Be in the Moment!"


When you try to capture a moment with a camera you become an observer and not present in the moment. To be Genuine you need to be present.
“Put down the phone and allow yourself to be Genuine!”


The collective experience helps take a moment from Good to Great! Zoomiee lets you off-load tasks that distract from enjoying the show and connecting with others.
“Put down the phone and share in the collective Experience!”

Be in the Moment.

Photographers get the pics, Zoomiee delivers without you having to search.

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